The Bodhisattva and The Golem - Preview

The Bodhisattva and The Golem is coming soon!  For now, here is a preview:

Preview of The Bodhisattva and the Golem, coming in September!  Watch my site for information on how to order a copy!  It is a whopping 200 pages of awesome!  
Welcome to the land of Silvara, where dragons soar the skies, castles float in the air, and deadly trolls attack wary travelers.  Among these marvels, Jess Breeze is haunted by a dream.  A dream of a young man, named Luc, running for his life.  Jess embarks on a quest to find Luc, and along the way meets, and falls for, Kyrie Rivers, a Bodhisattva who escorts people to the afterlife.  Jess and Kyrie head to Zexen, where Kyrie must team up with other Bodhisattvas to complete her mission.  But all is not what is seems when Jess spies Luc in the town, or does she?
If you like swords, sorcery, fantasy comics, and LGBTQ themes, this book is for you!  Tell all your friends!  
You can find copies of my other books here, and my website here.  Watch for a link to buy the book there soon!

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