Upcoming Cons

Hi All,
I'll be at Fluke Athens on April 29th


the Atlanta Comic Convention on July 2nd

I'll be selling prints, zines and my books!


Atlanta Comic Con

I’ll be tabling at the Atlanta Comic Convention this Sunday (Feb 5th) from 11-5.  I’d love to see you there!  I’ll have new prints for sale, and all my books and zines!  
Marriott Hotel-Century Center, 
2000 Century Blvd, Atlanta, Ga 30345


The Bodhisattva Vol. 2: The Bodhisattva and The Golem

The Bodhisattva Vol. 2: The Bodhisattva and The Golem

Written by: John Cadenhead
Art by: John Cadenhead
Price: $4.99

Welcome to the land of Silvara, where dragons soar the skies, castles float in the air, and deadly trolls attack wary travelers. Among these marvels, Jess Breeze is haunted by a dream. A dream of a young man, named Luc, running for his life. Jess embarks on a quest to find Luc, and along the way meets, and falls for, Kyrie Rivers, a Bodhisattva who escorts people to the afterlife. Jess and Kyrie head to Zexen, where Kyrie must team up with other Bodhisattvas to complete her mission. But all is not what is seems when Jess spies Luc in the town, or does she?

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