My D&D group

I have been having way too much fun with photoshop effects on my art as of recent. This is a pic I just did of my new D&D group. We just began, so I haven't gotten a feel for everyone's characters yet. I drew this to try to get a feel. I am DMing so none of these characters are mine.

Here is the black and white image as well. I have been playing around with drawing noses differently. Thoughts?


My Pokemon Team

My pokemons team can't be beat. I know that most people like to say that, and that Pokemons by definition is designed so there can't really be an "unbeatable" team, but I am pretty sure my team is the best. Here is a crazy rendered version that I probably won't like in the morning, (I'm putting it together in bed in the dark right now), as well as the original, pre-rendered and shaded.