The Bodhisattva and Other Stories

Hi All,
I'm still here, promise.

So I have finished the first volume of the adventures of Kyrie Rivers, and it is entitled "The Bodhisattva and Other Stories."  It is printed and ready to be shipped.  You can easily order a copy at Lulu.com.
This book is 204 pages, and is chapters 1-12 of the Kyrie Rivers stories.  This includes:
As well as:
The Votarient
The Irenic
The Tarragon
The Peroration
Which wrap up the overarching plot of the first chapter of Kyrie's life.  So check it out!

If you know me personally, I'll have copies available to purchase directly from me.

In other news: my wife and I are expecting the birth of our first child in March, so, while I am working on a lot of new and old ideas, you may not see results from them for a while.  So please bear with me.

Right now I am working on revamping The Crystal Key, cleaning it up so I can print it on Lulu as well.  My goal it to have that done by summer.  You can follow my process on my tumblr, where I tend to post pieces of art, or pages as I like them.  I'm also considering finishing up the long-awaited ending to Zorro and Ester, and printing a definitive collection of the comic strip.

Yeah, so let me know what you think.  You can reach me at j.kaidyn at gmail dot com.