I've got some art I am piling up, because they are of characters not introduced in my D&D game yet (yes, remember, I am a nerd).  But I can post these pics!  I drew these on the program "Brushes" on my iphone while waiting for Captain America to begin (which was pretty good, bytheway). 


Dungeons and Dragons Redux

Since the last post only included three of the main characters, here are two more.  There is one character left, but he just started, and I haven't really gotten a feel for his character yet.  So when I do, I will make an update with his character as well, I am sure.
The top image is with a simple background.  I originally went with the below image, but all the stain glass effect is a little distracting, so I tried it again without it.  But here are both for your viewing pleasure.


Dungeons and Dragons

So, I drew another pic of some of the characters in our D&D group during class one day, and decided to work a little harder at cleaning up the pic and coloring it. Because sometimes it is cool to see all the steps involved to get to the finished product, here are all the steps:

First is the pencil version, which I worked on for about 2-3 hours total:
Then came the ink, which took about 30 minutes or so.I scanned this image and put it on my iPad, where I used an app called "Brushes" to color it. (A sweet program that lets you color with your finger! It is very intuitive, and allows a lot of freedom. The great Dean Trippe told me about it a while back). Here are a few of the intermediate steps:
Above is the finished flat colors. Then I added some detail, texturing and shading (still with "Brushes")
Then I put it in Photoshop on my computer and added my favorite little filter (but kept it slight this time, so you might not be able to tell right off). Voila, finished product!Lastly, I added a few more filters to try some "different" versions of the pic. I like them as well, so I thought I would put them up. First a more geometric shape version:
Then a "black and white old-timey comic book feel:"
The End!