camera-phone pic

Really bad camera-phone pic of a pic I just inked. I'm pretty happy how it looks, and once I finish the story I'll scan them and show them off to the world!


Thor and the Missing Hammer

I decided to go ahead and post this in blogger, as it may read better this way, rather than one page at a time. You can still read it here one page at a time. Don't forget, it is a coloring book, so download the images (just don't try to pass them off as your own and I am ok with it), and color them, then email me them and I will post them here!!! And if you want a physical copy, you can order one here. You can also read a short I just drew that features a Thor-like character here. Ok, that is enough promotions, right?


Short Story #1

Here is a short story I did as I am stuck at home due to Hothlanta. I have written a few stories with these characters and hope to illustrate them when I have time (which never happens except during snowstorms).
Let me know what you think of the story. I apologize for the bad scanning, my scanner is dying. Time to look into a new scanner...


Thor and the Missing Hammer

Here it is! My new 'zine: Thor and the Missing Hammer! In it Thor goes looking for his hammer, Mjolnir, and visits his friends and family in Asgard. Super-Fun times to be had for all. And it is a coloring book, (or colouring book if you like).
Check it out, tell me what you think (j.kaidyn@gmail.com), and print it off to color it in! (Or, if you are super great, order a copy here).