Thoughts While Watching Last Week's Lost

How is Hurley so fat when his parents are so tiny? His parents could live inside him and still have room to rent out to a college kid for extra cash.

My new theory is the Island is in Hurley's belly button and the Island moves each time he puts his finger in there.

I considered posting this on Lostpedia, but it has an elaborate submission process:
Step 1. Create an account.
Step 2. Tell your idea.
Step 3. They review the proposal.
Step 4. They question you.
Step 5. They come to your house.

Who is "they" you may ask (as someone already did)?
a) the Others
b) the smoke monster
c) Ben Linus in a thong
d) Sawyer in a sweater
e) Hurley in a hamster ball
f) Jack in anything fun or interesting
g) Locke with an afro-mullet that confused Asian business men think is a large party barge since it's a party on top and business in the back (because afro-mullets reverse everything you ever knew about mullets)

I think Walt just appeared in a chicken tender commercial. It's probably tied into the show.

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