The Torah, The Book of Numbers, Chapter 11, in comic form

This is a test to see how my new comic looks in the magic of the internet. But it is a test you can enjoy too, by just clicking on the images. Let me know how much you hate this comic, and how much it offends you! Here goes:


  1. Very nice. I liked that you kept "classical Moses" with the horns and all. The snarkiness of G-d pleased me. :)

  2. Jill and Daniel wouldn't believe me that Moses had horns. They thought I was making that up. I told them to ask their pastor.

    They also didn't believe me when I told them Moses was a nudist.

  3. Only read the first couple pages (found that it wasn't safe for work) but it really made me see how relevant the story of Moses is to today.

    I talk to burning bushes all the time.