Pictures from the book signing!

The book came out today, and I spent all day personalizing
50 !!!!! books with the author at our book signing.  The book can be ordered at this website, and is an exciting children's book about spiders.  Here is the blurb on the book:

When Spider Fly...is the debut release for Shekinah Press. Author Herb Zabel and Illustrator John Cadenhead have teamed up to produce a children's picture book that provides an entertaining story with some important life lessons. "When Spiders Fly..." shows four sibling spiders who have all been given the same mysterious advice from their mother. The personalities of each spider affect their decisions and thus create some good examples of consequences from poor choices.

Enjoy these pictures of the signing, and don't forget, if you
want to order a copy yourself, click here.


  1. Hurray! Congrats, John. :) I know I told you I want a copy. Do I need to go ahead and order it?

  2. Are you coming back in town for Christmas? You can get a copy from me then, and it will be easier to get signed that way.