Three Books

The Crystal Key, The Bodhisattva, and The Definitive Zorro and Ester

I've got three books up for sale now at lulu.com.  Here is the link to my store there:

So feel free to check them out!  You can order a copy from them, and they will print and mail it to you quickly.

The Crystal Key:
While exploring her grandfather's house, Sera Paisley stumbles upon a tree growing in an upstairs bedroom.  In that tree is a door.  A door to another world!  Now stranded there, Sera makes a deal with Raven, a famous thief, to find a way back home, and gets caught up in a plot to overthrow a kingdom.

The Bodhisattva and Other Stories:
Kyrie Rivers is a Bodhisattva, one who helps others to their next life.  In these twelve vignettes, she and her companion, Emrys, explore the world of Silmara and their place within it.

The Definitive Zorro and Ester:
Zorro and Ester enjoy playing video games.  Unfortunately, they often can't, as their lives are filled with sentient X-Boxes, Super Scarfs, Possessions, Vampire Goombas, Exorcisms, Alien Abductions, and sometimes the Destruction of the World.  
Revisit the hit webcomic in this complete collection, which includes new chapters and a definitive ending, never before seen!

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