Choose your own adventure: 22

The story so far:

You awoke on an island full of anthropomorphic animals not remembering how you got there. Among the many adventures you have had, you met a crazy old English blackbird, found an otter village destroyed by an evil Bulldog and his lizard henchmen, rescued the only survivor of the otter decimation as well as your new friend, the Penguin Pirate Captain Pierre. You were almost killed by a scary fairy and a black lake monster, and recently have been traveling with some friends, Ox, Rand and Mina to Edgeton, to find Pierre's ship.
Currently, you have all been hiding from a group of Jackals in a ghost town, when Mina goes missing. You find a secret lair underground where apparently the Jackals have been using for a slave trade. You free some of the slaves from the Jackals and send Rand out of the lair with them. The rest of the team goes on in search for Mina.

Now begins Time is a Loop: Episode 22

Rand is chosen to go with the captives back to his village.
"But Mina, we need to save Mina!"
"I know Rand, we are going to. Trust me, that's the first thing on my mind, but these people need help too, and you are the best option for getting them somewhere safe. I will do everything I can to find Mina, I promise." says Ox, trying to calm down Rand.
"O...Okay. But if anything happens to her..."
"Don't worry. You have my word."

Rand leads the captives out through the path you had all come down.
"Where to now?" asks Pierre.
You suggest going through the mines. Taking out 5 unexpected guards is very different from a fortress full of guards.
"Alright. Lead the way."

Your group heads down the path towards the mines. It is a downward spiral that goes on for a while, but finally ends at a rusty old door. You do a listen check, but no one hears anything behind the door. You crack it open and look inside. You see a dimly lit underground path, with beams holding the roof up and lanterns every now and then. There is a cart path that runs down the middle, probably for the mine cart.
"It looks like a iron mine," says Pierre, pulling a small piece of iron ore out of the dirt. "I wonder what they are using the iron for..."
"Making weapons?" suggests Ox.
"What is their plan though? With all these slaves making them weapons, and the army we saw outside, it is definitely much more than a slave trade going on here..."
You suggest that we may find out soon enough. Around the corner comes two Jackals, apparently doing patrol. The group gets a pre-emptive attack on them, and Pierre and you grab one of the Jackals while Ox slams the other up against the wall with the blunt side of his axe.
"Looks like we have some captives now, for questioning," says Pierre.

"We won't tell youse nothings!" says one of the Jackals.
"You wanna bet?" says Ox, moving the blade of the axe closer to the Jackal's neck.
"Where is Mina!" yells Ox.
"Who? What?"
"Mina! Young Armadillo Girl, Mina!"
"I have no idea what you are talking about!" says the Jackal. "Please don't hurt me!"
"She would have been captured recently," says Pierre.
"New... New captives are brought to da boss."
"Where is the boss?"
"He... he's in his office. Down this path, take a left at the fork..."
"Ok. Now, why are you all collecting all this iron ore? What are your plans?" demands Pierre.
"Plans? We are at war, we are building an arsenal to protect ourselves." says the Jackal.
"Yeah, we can't lose the war or everyone dies!" says the other.
"War? With whom?" asks Pierre.
"You don't know?"
"He really doesn't know."
"I don't know about any war! Who is fighting whom?" says Pierre.
"Have you been living under a rock? There's a war coming, and if anyone wants to survive, they gotta side with us!"
"But you capture people and use them as slaves! You are the bad guys!" says Ox.
"You obviously haven't seen the other side then, kiddo. We need a lot of manpower and fast, so we put people to work. They will thank us when this is all over," says one of the Jackals.
"Enough! I have heard enough!" says Ox, and throws his Jackal to the ground.
"What should we do with them?" asks Pierre.

You think about it, you could:
A: Tie them up and leave them there.
B: Tie them up and bring them with you as hostages.
C: Let them go.
D: Kill them.

(vote by monday. Also, if anyone has suggestions as to what to call your team, they need a team name, and I get tired of calling them the group, so think about that...)

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