Choose your own adventure: 24

The story so far:

You awoke on an island full of anthropomorphic animals not remembering how you got there. Among the many adventures you have had, you met a crazy old English blackbird, found an otter village destroyed by an evil Bulldog and his lizard henchmen, rescued the only survivor of the otter decimation as well as your new friend, the Penguin Pirate Captain Pierre. You were almost killed by a scary fairy and a black lake monster, and recently have been traveling with some friends, Ox, Rand and Mina to Edgeton, to find Pierre's ship.
Currently, you have all been hiding from a group of Jackals in a ghost town, when Mina goes missing. You find a secret lair underground where apparently the Jackals have been using for a slave trade. You free some of the slaves from the Jackals and send Rand out of the lair with them. The rest of the team goes on in search for Mina. Your group finds what is supposed to be the room where Mina is being kept, but it is guarded by many Jackals.

Now begins Time is a Loop: Episode 24

After trying to decide how best to take on all those Jackals, you remember about the right hand path you passed by earlier. You suggest to your group that mayhaps there is something helpful for your situation down that path. Pierre and the otter child agree with you, but Ox just wants to rescue Mina as soon as possible. "Who knows what they are doing to her in there?" he says.
"True, but our odds are not the best right now, we should make use of any help we can get," says Pierre.
So the group heads back down the path to the fork in the road, being careful not to set off the traps from before. You look down the right hand path. It is dank, and dark down there, and slopes downwards.
"You sure this is a good idea?" asks Ox. "Those Jackals seemed to not want us to go down here..."
"Which means that there is something they don't want us to see, don't want us to know about," says Pierre.
"Or something they are afraid of..." says Ox.
Well here goes nothing, you say as you begin to venture down the path. It continues downwards, in a slow spiral, for a long time. It may seem longer than it could actually be, you think, because you are moving very slowly, looking for traps, as well as trying to get your eyes adjusted to the lack of light. Finally the path straightens out and stops going downwards.
"What direction are we going?" says Ox.
"Who knows, we have been going in a circle for a long time now. We could be going any direction..."
"So this could lead us off anywhere."
"Great idea guys."

You continue on walking until, when you are about to put your foot down for your next step, you realize there is no ground in front of you. You almost fall down a large pit, when Ox grabs you and pulls you back.
"That was close," says Ox. "You have to be more careful."
You look forward, but it is so dark you can hardly see anything. It seems that there is a darker area in front of you, though. You reach towards it and notice that there is a pit there. You ask how deep it is.
"Who can tell?"
"Yeah, its too dark down here, and we don't have any way to make light."
"Well, what should we do now? We can't keep going."
"But I thought we could find something useful down here."
"There is something useful down here. But you need to throw down a rope first."

"What did you say Ox?"
"I didn't say anything. Did you say that Pierre?"
"No. Mike?"
You mention that you didn't say anything either. You realize something is grabbing your leg, and you almost freak out when you realize it is the otter child.
"Who is there?" says Pierre's voice.
"Who is me?"
"Who are you?"
"Um.. We are explorers looking to rescue a friend from the Jackals."
"Maybe you shouldn't have said our intentions Ox." says Pierre's voice again.
"Oh. Good point." says Ox.
"So you don't like the Jackals?" says the voice.
"Um... no?"
"Me neither. They smell. If you help me out of this pit I will help you out with the Jackals."
"Who are you? How do we know we can trust you?"
"I guess you don't. But you haven't told me your names, so why should I tell you mine?"

Pierre whispers something in your ear: "What should we do? I am sure the Jackals keep him down in this pit for a reason. Who knows if he will help us or do something terrible if we let him out. But we could use his help against the Jackals."
"Psst. I can hear you." says the voice.

You ask the voice why it is down there in the pit.
"That's private. My business. Not yours. But if you help me out, I've been told I am very good at repaying favors. Was that what they said?"

You consider your options. You could:
A: Help the voice out of the pit with the rope that you have.
B: Not help the voice out of the pit.
C: "Throw down some candy for the voice in the pit!" yells the voice as you are thinking.

Then after that, what is your plan of attack on the Jackals back in that room?

D: You could rush the enemies and hope there are not too many of them.
E: You could try to sneak past the guards in the shadows and hope they don't see you.
F: You could try to get the guards to chase you into the traps behind you on the path, and try not to set off the traps yourselves whilst running away.
G: You could try to set up your own trap, use the otter child as bait, have them chase it around down the path and jump the guards, getting the element of surprise.
H: Other ideas?

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