Choose your own adventure: 23

The story so far:

You awoke on an island full of anthropomorphic animals not remembering how you got there. Among the many adventures you have had, you met a crazy old English blackbird, found an otter village destroyed by an evil Bulldog and his lizard henchmen, rescued the only survivor of the otter decimation as well as your new friend, the Penguin Pirate Captain Pierre. You were almost killed by a scary fairy and a black lake monster, and recently have been traveling with some friends, Ox, Rand and Mina to Edgeton, to find Pierre's ship.
Currently, you have all been hiding from a group of Jackals in a ghost town, when Mina goes missing. You find a secret lair underground where apparently the Jackals have been using for a slave trade. You free some of the slaves from the Jackals and send Rand out of the lair with them. The rest of the team goes on in search for Mina.

Now begins Time is a Loop: Episode 23

You seem to have a lot of trouble deciding what to do with the two jackals you were interrogating. Part of you wants to tie them up and leave them, another, evil side of you wants to kill them, (which would give you negative karma points, bytheway) and the third side wants to let them go, (I guess trying to cancel out the evil side of you...). While you are debating the different choices with your inner selves, Pierre makes the choice for you.
"Lets just tie them up and leave them here."
"Okay, sounds good to me," says Ox, as he ties them up to one of the posts against the wall. "Problem solved."
"Let's keep moving."

Your party continues on down the tunnel and comes to a fork in the road. Both paths lead off into darkness, and for the life of you, you cannot determine which way to go. You start to think about it:
You could take the:
A: left path
B: right pa....

"Hey, what are you thinking about?" says Ox. "Didn't those Jackals say to take the left path at the fork?"
"You are right," says Pierre.
"No, the left."
"I'm pretty sure they said left."
"Yes, you are correct, they said left."
"Then why did you say right?"
"I didn't. I was agreeing with you."
"Well you need to be more clear then, I was sure you were saying to go down the right path."

You begin to walk down the left path when you hear a cry. The otter child grabs you to stop you. You look down by your feet. There is a wire tied across the path near foot level. You look up. There is a stack of logs tied up by ropes above you.
"Whew, that was close, one wrong step and you would have set off that trap," says Ox.
You thank the child and carefully step over the trap.
"This is going to be slow moving if we have to watch for traps," says Pierre.

Your group continues on down the path, watching where you are walking all the time. Along the way you find three other traps. Another log trap, one covered pit in the ground, and one spiked ball and chain trap. You avoid them all, but make a mental note as to where they are. Soon after the last trap you come to a side passage off the tunnel you are following. It is a small tunnel, and dead ends quickly, but down at the end you find something glowing. As you get closer you see that it is some kind of fungus that glows almost like moonlight. You ask Pierre what it is.
"I have no idea. I have never seen anything like it," he says.
Ox and the otter child both shake their heads, they don't know either.
You decide to pick some. After picking it, the fungus continues to glow, but much softer than before. You place it in your pocket and continue along the main path. Soon the path begins to go upwards, and you begin to here voices. You peek around a corner and see a large room with tables and chairs, and a group of jackals guarding a door. In total, you can spy 6 jackals, but there may be more you cannot see without the jackals seeing you. You converse with your companions on the situation.
"That door probably leads to the boss' lair," says Pierre. "That's how I would do it if I were in charge."
"Then Mina must be behind that door! We gotta get by those Jackals!" says Ox.
"But how? I mean, we might be able to take them, but who knows how many more are out there that will come running? What are our other options?"
You consider the options:
A: You could rush the enemies and hope there are not too many of them.
B: You could try to sneak past the guards in the shadows and hope they don't see you.
C: You could try to get the guards to chase you into the traps behind you on the path, and try not to set off the traps yourselves whilst running away.
D: You could try to set up your own trap, use the otter child as bait, have them chase it around down the path and jump the guards, getting the element of surprise.
E: Other ideas?

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