Choose your own adventure: 10

You think about either going back out into the hall where you heard what sounded like people talking, or searching the room for a hidden passage. You do have a knife now, and some badass gloves, but you still don't feel comfortable enough to take on whatever type of creature could be there. So instead you look around the room some more for a secret passage.

Lo and Behold, you do notice something suspicious. By the fireplace there seems to be one brick that is sticking out a bit more than others. You inspect it, and you think you can move it. So you give it a try.

You hear a very soft creak as the wall seems to move apart. Tally Ho! A secret passage. What luck!
You look down the passage, which is a very tight, straight line through the earth. There is no light in the passage, but you think you see some at the end. You decide to walk down it, but first close the door behind you. You move slowly in the dark, hoping not to bump into anything or make any loud noises, for as you get closer to the end of the passage you start to hear noises.

By the time you get to the other side of the passage you can distinctly make out a conversation. In front of you is a heavy dark cloth. If you were to venture a guess, you would think you are standing behind a tapestry? Why would you think that? You don't really know, but you decide to run with it. On the other side of the tapesty you can tell there is light, and multiple people discussing something. You decide to just listen for now. This is what you hear:

"...and there didn't ssseem to be anything elsse there, ssire." said one voice, from the left.
"So you, disposed, of the bodies and everything is in order?" said another, much deeper voice on the right.
"Y..Yes, gov'nor. We buried the corpses in th'dirt an' cleaneded up th' messes, justasyouasked, sir." said another voice, also from the left.
"Good. Good. And nothing can be traced back here?" said the voice on the right.
"No.. Sir." said one voice on the right.
"Well... er..." the other voice muttered
"WHAT DID YOU DO?" boomed the deeper voice on the right.
"Nothing Sir... It'ss jusst that..."
"Well.. on our way back heress... We... saw some printss in the sandsss... Printss that weren't oursss, or yoursss...." said the voice whom you have now decided must be Greg, that tall lizard you passed by earlier. Strange, they seemed to have gone to that village, cleaned up all the blood and dead otters, and gotten back here in a very fast amount of time, you think to yourself.
"Where did the tracks lead?"
"They sseemed to lead sstraight into the secret doorsss..."
"So we have a spy in our lair?" You hear something knock over, and what sounds like someone being choked.
"It... it would appear ssso, m'lord." Greg sputters out.
"Grr. Nothing to do about it now," the leader says, and you hear something fall on the ground. "Fan out, alert everyone else, we have a spy in our midst. Find them and bring them to me."
"Yess Sir!" You hear both lizards say. Then you hear a door open and close.

You pause for a minute before you do anything. You need to be really really careful from here on, they know you are here, and from the looks of things, getting caught could be really bad. Death bad. You think of your options.
You could:
A: peek around the curtain and see where you are, hoping nothing is out there to see you.
B: jump out from behind the curtain, yelling about how you are the great scourge who has come to destroy all lizard people and bring justice to otters everywhere, allthewhile flailing your knife around.
C: use your knife to cut a small hole through the tapesty to see what is in the room, hopefully being sneaky enough to not be seen.
D: turn around and head back down the passage back to the room you were in before.
E: walk out from behind the passage with your hands in the air, surrendering.
F: Other options you can think of.

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