Choose your own adventure: 15

The story so far:
You awoke on an island after a night of binge drinking with friends because of a shitty day. You don't know how you got there, so you go off to find how to get home. After a few adventures you find a village where the natives, a bunch of otters, have all been slain. You follow the trail of whoever killed them and find a secret lair in a cave in the cliff wall. There you sneak around until you find a secret passage, and overhear some leader and his underlings discussing the deaths of the otters, and that there is some spy (aka you) in the cave. You find a passage to a prison where there are three captives, a huddled furry thing, a penguin with a cool hat and a scary sounding thing in a corner. You talk to the penguin, who encourages you to escape with him down a secret escape passage that another prisoner made in the cell next to his. You free a young otter who is too afraid to speak, and a scary jaguar, who guards the exit while you escape. After escaping, the penguin, Pierre, volunteers to bring you and the otter child to Ellestria if you go with him to his ship, last seen due west in Edgeton. While walking west through the forest of fortune, you stumble into some lizardmen on patrol and get into a fight.

Now begins Time is a Loop: Episode 15

You decide the best course of action is to try to disarm the lizardman as he rushes you with his spear. Luckily you took Karate from Dr Yang in college, and remember a thing or two about disarming opponents (although you mostly remember because he used you as the example in every class, and you are pretty sure he almost broke your arm more than once). The lizardman runs towards you with the spear out in front of him, and at the last possible second you twist to the right, and pull the spear from his hands as you knee him in the stomach. What luck! That worked? You are quite suprised, and stand there remarking at your luck as the lizardman stands back up to face you. Unfortunately for him, you now have his weapon, and he looks hesitent to approach you again. He looks at his compatriate, who seems to be in a similar predicament with Pierre. They both nod to each other, then let out a load yell, and turn and flee.
Pierre chases after them, throwing the rapier the other lizardman dropped, but he misses, and the lizards get away.
"This is no good," Pierre says, as he picks up the rapier. "They will alert the others of our presence. Grab the kid. We need to move."
You follow after Pierre, who is now running at a brisk pace. The otter child seems to be having a hard time keeping up. You turn around to grab its hand and help it along, when you see behind you a horde of lizardmen in the distance! Pierre notices them too, and they have definately noticed you.
"We need to move as fast as we can! Now!" Pierre shouts to you both, and starts sprinting West. You pick up the otter child to carry him, and follow behind Pierre.
The terrain is difficult to run on, however, especially carrying the child, and you almost lose your footing once or twice, but you keep running as fast as possible.
You try not to look back, but you are pretty sure you can hear the lizard's cruel shouts getting louder behind you.
You keep running, jumping over this log, dodging that bush...
You run for what feels like days, you run until you feel you can't run any more, but every time you want to stop, you hear the lizards, and they seem closer, close enough that you can feel their hot, smelly breath on the back of your neck. So you continue to run.

Now you are running down a hill, towards the bottom you see a gross looking marsh covered with patches of land and bog, and farther behind it, a lake, with a small island in the middle. You start to run past it, but trip over something and fall. You and the child go flying, and both of you roll down the steep hill towards the marsh, finally stopping at the edge of it. Pierre sees your fall and runs down next to you. He helps you to your feet. You turn to see the lizardmen have all stopped about 50 feet from where you are. They seem terrified to come near you. You help the otter child to its feet, and turn to Pierre.
"I have no idea why they stopped, but I don't like the look of this," he says.
You stand there and look about you. It looks just like any other marsh you have seen before, but the lizardmen won't seem to approach any closer.
"Maybe if we just stay on the edge of it, they will keep away from us?" Pierre suggests.
You agree that it is your best plan, and you all begin walking slowly along the edge of the bog. The lizardmen keep about 50 feet away from the bog, but continue to follow you all, not letting you out of their sight.
As you continue on, you run across a small canoe sitting by the water. It seems to have been sitting there for a while, and has two paddles in it.
Pierre suggests: "We could use this canoe to row out into the lake. It seems to go on for a while, and maybe we can lose the lizardmen that way. They don't seem to want to come close to the lake. We could look for a river that may connect to the sea, or we could paddle to that island and wait out the night, to see if the lizardmen go away. Or we could just continue on walking beside the lake and hope they don't decide to man up and come down here. Any ideas, boyo?"

What do you do?
A: Row out to the lake
B: Row out in the canoe and look for a river that might connect to the sea
C: Continue on down the side of the lake, hoping the lizardmen don't brave up/
D: Surrender to the lizardmen and hope they will go lenient on you.

(Put in your vote before Friday)

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