Choose your own adventure: 14

Time for another Choose your own adventure episode

The story so far:
You awoke on an island after a night of binge drinking with friends because of a shitty day. You don't know how you got there, so you go off to find how to get home. After a few adventures you find a village where the natives, a bunch of otters, have all been slain. You follow the trail of whoever killed them and find a secret lair in a cave in the cliff wall. There you sneak around until you find a secret passage, and overhear some leader and his underlings discussing the deaths of the otters, and that there is some spy (aka you) in the cave. You find a passage to a prison where there are three captives, a huddled furry thing, a penguin with a cool hat and a scary sounding thing in a corner. You talk to the penguin, who encourages you to escape with him down a secret escape passage that another prisoner made in the cell next to his. You free a young otter who is too afraid to speak, and a scary jaguar, who guards the exit while you escape. After escaping, the penguin, Pierre, volunteers to bring you and the otter child to Ellestria if you go with him to his ship, last seen due west in Edgeton.

Now begins Time is a Loop: Episode 14

You decide to take the straight route to Edgeton, through the forest. You reply back to Pierre, it is called the forest of fortune afterall, maybe something good will happen?
Pierre looks at you, puzzled. "You really don't know anything about this land, do you? Its full name is the Forest of Fortune and Peril. Sorry. I guess I should have been more upfront. Most people know to stay away from forests..."
The otter child nods in agreement.
"But who am I to stop you? Perhaps today we will have luck on our side. It would be about time..."

You look up to the sky, and see the sun setting, and you head off towards it.
"Where are you going?" asks Pierre.
You reply to Edgeton, in the west.
"Then why are you heading east? What, you don't even know which direction the sun sets in? You are hopeless."
the otter child nods.
"Come, I will lead the way." Pierre states, as he walks off away from the setting sun. You think that maybe in this land, what means west to you means east to them. Or perhaps Pierre is a bit nuts. You proceed cautiously behind him.

The Forest of Fortune and Peril, luckily, seems to you just like any other forest. Trees everywhere, pine, fur, oak, birch, etc. Not too much underbrush, you are able to walk freely. Pierre soon finds a small trail which you all follow "west." After a while you start to realize what seems to be missing from the forest. Animals. You haven't seen or heard any animals for hours now. You ask Pierre about this.
"Animals? In the forest? Why would they live in the forest when they can live much better in towns? Sure, there may be some hermits out here in the woods, or perhaps a small settlement, but animals don't just 'live' in the forest. We come here when we need things from the forest, but you don't just see animals wandering around in here. Well, besides us."
You guess that that makes sense.
You decide to ask about why Pierre was imprisoned.
"Why was I imprisoned? That's a good question. I really don't know if I can really answer that. I will try though. As I said before, I am the dread pirate captain Marlowe of the famed Josephine. Well, my crew and I were out sailing in the waters nearby and we ran across this vessel, which looked like the Forerunner, the vanguard of the Mullenhind navel fleet. It was by itself out adrift at sea, and we thought it would be a fine time to pick it off, and save us the trouble of fighting it in the future. We drew up near it, but there was no movement on deck, so we drew up beside it and boarded it. The ship was empty. We searched the ship and found no being, however, we did find a horde of treasure below deck. My men began hauling the treasure to our ship. Some of my crew was nervous, it is quite a strange situation, a ship with a fortune on it and no beings at all, not even corpses. Rumors began flying about it being a ghost ship. I tried to quiet the rumors, but you know how men are. Well, matters only got worse when one of my crew, Jimmers, said he heard voices below. Now all the men were frightened, and none would go below deck. I told them to man up, and went below deck to show them there was nothing there..."
The otter child pulls at your arm, he seems to be scared by the story.
"And what happened below deck I will not tell you. Mostly for the reason that I don't remember. The next moment I remember after walking below deck was waking up on the shore of this island, with those lizardmen standing above me. They hauled me off to jail, and thats where you found me. So, yes, to make a long story short,"
Too late, you think, and high five yourself for referencing Clue.
"I really don't know why I was imprisoned." Pierre states. "Does that help explain the situation?"
You are about to ask why Pierre thinks his ship is at Edgeton if he lost it at sea somewhere, when you notice the otter child is still tugging at your arm. You look down at it. It points off to your left. You see some movement in the bushes in the distance, and you turn to Pierre.
"Yeah, I see it boyo. Get ready, something is coming."

Out of the bushes come two lizardmen. One is carrying a rapier, and the other has a spear. They look at you all menacingly, mutter to each other, then draw their weapons and make ready to attack you. You make ready to run.
"We won't be able to get away from them, lad. Our best bet is to attack them head on, and hope they are just a search party, and there are no more of them near. We should be able to handle two of them."

You draw your knife as the otter child hides behind you. The otter with the spear comes rushing at you. What do you do?

A: Throw your knife at its face.
B: Wait for the lizardman to get close, then jump quickly to the side, and stab your knife at its foot.
C: Try to disarm the lizardman when he gets close.
D: Run away!
E: Throw your hands in the air, and surrender.
F: Feel free to submit your own option too.

I am sure some of you want some stats on your character, so I will work a full one up soon. Here are basic stats:
LVL: 1
HP: 24
MP: o
ATK: 4
DEF: 2
MGC: 1
MDF: 0
AGL: 3
LCK: 3

Weapon: Knife
Armor: Plain Clothes
Badass Gloves

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  1. c: Disarm Lizardo! Take his spear and get info from him!