Choose your own adventure: 9

You decide that light is better than noise, and head towards the light.

After turning the corner, you see a square room with brick walls and shelves across one wall. In the far corner you see a fire burning in a chimney. Above the fire there seems to be a small animal being cooked on a spit. Other than that dead animal, there is no one in the room. However, there are some chairs by the fire, and a table. On the table are some playing cards and some coins, as if someone had been playing cards, but then left quickly for some reason. You look at the cards. They seem to be very similar to regular playing cards you have used many times back in THE CITY, however, the face cards do not have human kings and queens, but dogs dressed up, as if a crude mockery of the monarchical system. The coins, too, do not look like any country's coinage you have seen before, and feature a giant eagle eating a snake on one side, and foreign lettering on the other.
You look around at everything else in the room. The shelves are mostly bear, there are some large sheets of paper on one shelf, and after looking at them, you notice that they seem to be wanted posters of some sort. While you cannot read the writing on them, it appears to be the same script as the coins, you do see two images of a face, one from the front and one from the side, of a large, ugly bulldog wearing a sombrero. The dog is sneering, and has large gashes on its face over its right eye. You look at it, and determine that the reward, from what you can tell, is 10,000 of what you think are whatever currency they use here, probably those coins you saw. All the paper in the stack are the same. Apparently they are fliers to be placed in towns or whatnot, you figure.
Also on another shelf you see a couple of candles, which are lit, and half burnt down. The wax is dripping onto the floor. Beside them you see a small key. You pick it up and put it in your secret pocket in your jeans.
On another shelf you see a small knife, like the kind you took on camping trips as a boy scout. It is in a leather sheaf. Beside them are some leather gloves with really cool looking skulls decorating them. Well, they would be really cool if you were in a biker gang or something. You decide that its about time to start, and if you start wearing the gloves, maybe next you will find a wicked awesome motorcycle you can steal too, since you are stealing all sorts of stuff now. Hopefully just not a Kawasaki Ninja. Gross.
Anyways, you loop the knife sheaf through your belt loop and put on the rad biker gloves.
You feel like a man now, you think to yourself. You gain a +2 to bad-ass-ness.

But you still need to do something. Afterall, it seems that whomever, or whatever was here did not finish their card game and definitely did not finish their roasted rat over there. Should you stay in the room, or head back out towards the noise earlier now that you have wicked gloves and a small knife? Or should you roll for a spot check on the room and see if there is anything you didn't see before, like a secret passage.

(Editor's Note: So I want to check with people about this choose your own adventure thingy. Are you enjoying it? Do you want me to keep doing it? How often do you want it updated? How long do you want it to be? I assume you want something to happen in the post, but do I make it too long? What do you want to see/ not want to see? Would a 3x a week update sound good? Like M/W/F? Thoughts/Comments/Feelings would be great.)


  1. I vote for going back the other way, now that you're equipped with a little more badassness.

    I think these are fun. The amount of description is good; the humor is great, and a regular update schedule (2-3x/week) would be nice and reliable.

    Do you know where you're going with each option when you post, or are you just making this up as you go along? :)

  2. I say look for a secret passage.

    (in answer to the editor's note: This choose your own adventure is pretty much the most fun that I am having right now, so I think that you should keep it up. I think that a two or three time a week update would be fine. No, the entries are not too long. We graduated from college, and we can read.
    Personally, I would like things to start connecting as we start to unravel this mysterious situation, monarchical system and such. How did we get there? What do we need to do? This all doesn't have to be answered any time soon, but eventually that would be cool. Also, like any good choose your own adv, be sure to stick with a theme (like, in this case, we're in a place with large talking animals and a totalitarian government of some kind). Keep up the good work!!

  3. I hope to see a great story even further along when I get back!

  4. You all seem to expect a lot from me in terms of plot. You have read my stuff before, PLOT? WHATS THAT?
    No, I totally know exactly where it is going, and have planned out every possible occurrence ahead of time, just like a good DM. Yeah right, I'm totally making it up as I go.
    Really the problem comes from me setting something up, then everyone choosing something different from what I am expecting/hoping they choose, and I have to re-think it all out.

  5. Haha. So it's a "choose your own adventure that will only make sense if you choose what john wants you to choose" story? Awesome. They're my favorites.

    Seriously, though, this is fun, and I hope it continues to travel along with a cool theme and fun adventures. And no, the entries aren't too long.

  6. Well I only give you all a couple of options to choose from so I do have plans and can sorta push them in where needed.

    I guess I will have to think about "themes" and stuff now. I was just letting things develop themselves, and seeing what came up.

    No I kid, I have some ideas. (Hint, the flashbacks are kinda important?)