Choose your own adventure: 6

You decide that of all the options that crazy bird gave you, traveling out to sea to meet a sea witch seems like the best one. I mean, libraries are cool and all, but kinda boring; and who wants to climb down a well anyways?
So you meander on down the cliffside you just climbed up and head over to the small village you passed by earlier, remembering there were some canoes tied up there. It is now night, and you notice that none of the shacks have any light or noise coming from them. You decide to sneak past them anyways, as apparently you don't like talking to people, and you untie a canoe. As you start to row out to sea, you remember the black bird's directions for contacting the sea witch. You need kelp to throw out your boat. But where are you going to get some kelp? You weigh your options. You could:
A: row back to the land, knock on a door and ask for some.
B: row back to the land, sneak around in a shack and steal some.
C: use a fishing pole and net and see if you can catch some out at sea.
D: Ignore the bird's directions and look for the sea witch without the kelp.

What do you do?


  1. A: Let's knock on some doors. It's a shame we have no Girl Scout Cookies to exchange for kelp, though. It would be a decent trade.

  2. purposefully try and drown and hope a mermaid saves you.

    if not, oh well, you're fucking dead.

  3. Knock on some doors. The people might have more useful info. Or stab you with a pitchfork. Either way, win!

  4. I'll force the mob into a consensus by choosing to knock on doors

  5. I would ... use a fishing pole and net and try to catch some out at sea, though I'm not really sure where I got this pole and net from. I'm much too lazy to row all the way back to land after already being in the sea. These other people expect too much energy. Ha.

  6. I'm with Anna! Fish for some kelp, or ask a friendly sea otter to getcha some.

    Love, Jaki