Choose your own adventure: 11

Despite a great want to jump out screaming, you decide to try to cut a hole in the tapestry to see what is out there before you make yourself known. You take out the knife and press it against the tapestry. Luckily the cloth is tied down both on the floor and ceiling, otherwise this would be futile. It is still difficult to do, and you feel you may have made moved the curtain a lot in doing so, but you manage to cut a small hole, big enough for your eye to see through. This is what you see:

You ready?

You see 12 lizardmen with large swords and spears all pointed at the tapestry. Holy Shit!

JK hahaha. This is what you really see:

You see a large room with tapestries on the walls, a red rug on the ground and a large chair on the right. On the tapestries are depicted wildlife nature scenes, of hunting and stuff like that. You don't really take in any details. You are more focused on what is sitting in the chair.
In the chair is a large, very ugly dog, wearing a sombrero. You find the sombrero kinda amusing, but you are much to intimidated by the pit bull that is as big as you, sombrero notwithstanding.

Anyways, it seems the dog has not noticed you yet, despite your cutting at fabric over to his left. He seems lost in thought, with his head resting in his hands, er I guess paws. While you are frightened of him, and hope against everything you are not seen, you also feel bad for him. He seems to be genuinely upset about something.
You hold completely still for a while, trying your best not to breathe, for what seem like hours. Finally, the dog gets up, stretches, and walks to your left, where you think you can see a door. He pauses, breathes deeply, then slams the door open and yells: "Have you lazy sacks of shit found the spy yet? No? Well get searching before I rip your jaws off!" The door slams behind him.

You don't see anything else in the room, so you decide to peek around from behind the curtain. You still don't see anything, but now you see the room better. There is another door in the back, with a little light shining through it. You decide that is a better idea than the front door the dog walked through.

You quietly open the door and peek through. On the other side you see a long hallway, lit sporadically with torches. Despite the torches it is still quite dark in the hall. Far to the end you see another door. This one not as fancy as the one you went through, it seems to be just a plank and a handle. Since there is nothing of interest in the hall, you look through the next door. Here you see another hall, also lit badly with torches. The door you opened is in the middle of the hall, and it dead-ends on both sides a ways down. On the other side of the wall from the door you entered are 4 very dimly lit alcoves. After looking at them for a moment, you realize they are cells. Three of the cells seem to be occupied by... something. The far left cell has a large, furry creature huddled in the corner on a pile of hay. In the next cell you see what looks to be a penguin wearing a continental styled hat, complete with a feather in the cap! He looks up at you as you open the door. The third cell is empty. The fourth cell is further down the hall, and there are no torches near it, so it is very dark and you cannot see what is there, but you hear a low growl coming from the cell, as well as what look to be broken plates and hay thrown out of the cell.
You realize you should probably check with one of the creatures held captive. You are not sure which to start with, and you don't really know if you have time to talk to multiple captives. Will you approach:
A: The furry creature huddled in the corner
B: The penguin with the feather in his cap
C: The empty room
D: The dark room in the corner with the noises coming from it
E: Decide not to talk to any of them and instead turn around, braving the entrance you saw the Bull Dog leave from.

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