Choose your own adventure: 8

You decide to follow the footprints in the sand and find out what happened to the poor otters you saw butchered in their own homes. Afterall, the seawitch will always be there, and you don't currently hav any kelp, nor do you trust yourself to fish some out of the ocean. You start to follow the tracks as they lead south along the beach. You try to walk sneakily through the sand, however, it the moon is out in full and there is not a cloud in sight. You cannot see anything looking around, and hope that nothing can see you.

After walking some distance, the footprints take a sharp turn towards the cliffside. Following stealth-like, you notice how they seem to disappear into a cliff wall.

Obviously there is a secret passage here, you think to yourself. You fiddle around with the rock wall, looking for a secret lever or button or something. No such luck. Next you try secret words.
"Open Sesame"

Nothing seems to work.
You sit down, exhausted, against the rock wall. You have spent an entire day climbing cliff walls rowing boats, finding dead otters and being terrified of giant birds, and it is late in the night. You try your best to stay awake, but sleep begins to overwhelm you again.

You start to dream, remembering more of the night before. You remember a girl at the bar you were at with your friends. You remember there was a girl, but for the life of you you cannot picture her face. You remember you couldn't keep your eyes off of her that night. Maybe it was because your life had just been ruined by your ex and your boss, or maybe it was... something else. And Jim. Now Jim was trying to tell you something. What was it? Was it about the girl? What...

Suddenly you wake up with a start. You hear voices coming, but as you look around, you don't see anything in the moon's light on the beach.
The secret passage! They must be coming from the secret passage, you realize. You run and hide behind a larger rock just as the passageway opens up. You watch as two large lizard-like... things... march out of the cliffside. They are both wearing some sort of armor and carrying spears. Other than their clothing and spears, they looked completely different. One was tall and thin, with long, sharp looking spikes down his back, starting on his head, where they were trimmed and brushed nicely, almost like hair. The other was short and squat, and almost looked more frog than lizard, except the tail. They seem to be talking to each other. You listen to what they are saying:
"Well Greg, I'da say a Gov'nor Brattel should just'a go fuchk hisself, if'a you ask me. Making us'a go march all'a way to harborton to clean up hiss'a mess." said the short one.
"Yess, well, Brattel has nvr wanted to get hiss hands dirty before. Its a wonder if he even killed them himselvess." said the groomed one. "Hold on, Bill, let me lock the door." The taller lizard then reached over to the wall and said: "Azile." The door then disappeared into the wall.

You watch the two lizards walk away north to the town you were just at. Luckily they are talking the whole time, and apparently don't notice your footprints in the sand. After they are out of sight, you decide to try to open the door again. You place your hand on the wall and say "Azile." The door opens with a shudder.

You look down and see darkness. It looks like a natural cave, with no light that you can see.
You walk inside and say "Azile" again, the door closes behind you. You stand there in complete darkness for a few minutes until your eyes begin to adjust. Finally you can see enough to walk around down there.
You walk forwards for a while, until you get to an intersection. To the left you think you can faintly hear noises, possibly voices? from far away. To the right there seems to possibly be more light, you aren't sure but you think maybe there is a torch or fire or something around the bend. There is no noise at all coming from the right that you can tell. Which way do you go?


  1. Dark caves are scary. As are lizard voices. I say go for the light. Right.

  2. To the left. See what all the commotion is aboot.

    Nothing straight ahead?

  3. Go towards the light! You don't wanna go toward the voices and get all Temple of Doom heart-napped by crazy otter-killin' ritualific lizardy governors!!