Choose my own adventure: 4 me

You decide to head east towards the ocean. You walk too far and fall from atop the cliff onto sharp, jagged rocks. You are dead. Your slowly decomposing corpse begins its descent towards the depths of the dark, indifferent sea. Suddenly, what appears to be small lightning bolts illuminate off in the distance. Your body is soon discovered by a gang of mermen riding electric-eel-motorcycles.

"Well, well, well. Look at what the tide dragged in." says the first merman. He grabs your corpse and ties it to the back of his bad-ass electric eel motorcycle that's so majestic that it's quite obvious he is their leader.

They ride their bikes back to Atlantis to look for a secluded place where they can rape your corpse. They find an ally and go to town on your orifices.

"Poseidon!" one gang member yells out in ecstasy, "this butthole is tighter than any of those Chinese finger-traps we found floating around. This is making my anterior fin so damn dry." He rubs some sand on his junk and finishes in a way that makes the ocean substantially more salty.

After each member has their turn, they leave to go eat sushi.

The end.

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  1. Wow. You know, I was working my way there. Way to shoot the load too soon. You have to gradually work your way there before you can jump the eel motorcycles.