Choose your own adventure: 2

Ignoring the foreboding forest and mountain beyond it, you decide to head East. Afterall, you still feel a bit confused, and climbing a mountain doesn't seem to be the most reasonable idea you could have.
You wander Eastwards, and after a while find the corn field ends and you find yourself looking down on a clearing. You see a very small village in front of you, with 5 houses. Well, houses are probably not the best word for it, as they appear more like shacks, with thatched roofs and mud paths between them. The houses sit in a semi-circle facing away from you and towards an open body of water. It appears to be an ocean, which is funny, as the last place you remember being at was THE CITY, which is land-locked and far from any water.

You pause for a moment, and realize that the sounds you had heard which you first thought were cars is really the waves crashing on the shore. The smoke seems to be coming from the chimney of the largest of the houses, still only the size of your small apartment in THE CITY.

The harbor seems to stretch out for a while, taking a sharp turn to the North, with a tall cliff. Beyond that you cannot see anything.
To the South is a pier with a few small canoes and one decrepit looking sailboat.
To the East is the ocean, you can't really go any farther that way.
To the West is the corn field you came from.

You have a couple of options, you could try approaching the village, perhaps entering a house (vote house 1-5 in that case. House 1 is the one with smoke rising from the chimney) or go somewhere else. Or you can suggest another option.


  1. go east and drown and have mermen abuse your wet corpse in a dank ally in Atlantis

  2. or turn back the page to part one and head north instead of east

  3. To the North! See the rest of the harbor.

  4. North on toward the cliffs! (Maybe they're cliff-dwelling sea monkies!)