True story sweartogod

More D&D nonsense.


  1. I first read that as sweatergod.

    All Hail The Great Cardigan!

  2. I don't remember my hair being so light.

  3. Your hair isn't light, when working in black and white only, colors are not forced into either: everything light is white, everything dark is black, because then you get some awful looking art. When working in black and white you choose certain things to be depicted as black or white to create contrast. In this case, to fully depict you and Josh as recognizably different people, one got dark hair and one got light. And I especially like how I chose to make your d&d character look more similar to how I depicted Josh, and his character to how I depicted you, just to confuse the readers even more.
    So to make a long comment short (too late), don't question my art.