Choose your own adventure: 3

You decide that approaching the houses to see if there is anyone home who could tell you where you are and how you got to where you are is a terrible idea, and instead head North towards the cliff.
It takes you about an hour to climb the cliff, not only is it tall, but also steep. You slip a couple of times and slide almost to where you started from, but you are nothing if not determined, and you finally make it up to the top of the cliff, overlooking the ocean. From there you can see out to sea. It appears to be a nice, sunny day, and you cannot see anything but ocean for miles.
Also, strangely enough, there seems to be a rocking chair at the top of the cliff.

To the North you can see the cliff continues on for a while, with sharp rocks below it.
To the West is the edge of the forest you had seen before, and beyond it a large mountain. (Just thinking of climbing again makes you tired).
To the South is the village you decided to ignore.
To the East is the ocean, via sharp, jagged rocks.

What would you like to do?