Found Magazine is a print magazine (with an internet counterpart) that showcases pictures, notes, loveletters, and the occasional booger found by the average citizen. I could spend hours sorting through the archives of found objects on their site - and I will. And so to honor you, dear reader, I will post an example of the best of the found at least once weekly. Enjoy.
ok, i can't help it. here's another example, too.
and last one, i promise.


  1. Is it an internet magazine with a print counterpart?

    Or a print magazine with a website?

    They're out of Asheville, no?

  2. i believe the latter is right. thanks for the correction.
    apparently, the note that started it all was found in Chicago. their contact info now locates them in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but they have people contributing submissions from all over the country. check their site for more info. http://www.foundmagazine.com/contact