Time is a Loop, the choose your own text based adventure, part 1




version 2.1

*In which our hero learns of the fate of his loved ones, and determines to right wrongs. And lefts.*

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You wake up in a field of newly harvested corn stalks. You are terribly confused as to why and how you are where you are. The last thing you remember is celebrating New Year's Eve with your close friends on the top of your apartment building, watching the fireworks explode into shimmering rain above your head. "I must have had too much to drink," you think as you rise to your feet. But where am I? How did I get in a corn field? I live in THE CITY.
You feel about your person, and realize that all your possessions you had on you before are missing. You look around on the ground, but there is nothing there except:
- 1 ball of twine, about 50 feet all rolled up in a ball
- 1 book of matches, only 3 matches are left, and they look a little soggy, having been laying in mud
- 2 cigarettes, which is weird because you don't smoke
- 1 sock. (You are wearing two yourself, so you don't know whose that is. It is blue.)

You decide to look around and survey your surroundings.
To the North you see a forest, and a large mountain in the distance beyond it.
To the West you see the corn field stretches on for miles.
To the South there is a large hill, so you cannot see far, but you hear noises, what you think could be cars driving by.
To the East you see smoke in the distance, and more of the same noise.

Now dear adventurer, what do you do?
(Please leave a comment with your choice. The most votes will determine the choice. You can vote multiple times.)


  1. i second north. trees + large mountain = adventure

  2. I thought the point of those text-image things is that they are hard to read. That's what I was going for.

  3. You guys are lame. This east isn't the Orient people! No exotic, cheap whores. The east is the past. The North is the sky. The North is up; future; destiny!

  4. John - In that case, you succeeded.

    Tom - What's wrong with the past? Also, Asia is not the only place with cheap whores.

  5. No one has said South. So, I'm going with South.

  6. No Horace Greeley fans here, eh?

    What's so exciting about smoke in the distance and more of the same noise? I don't get it.

    Mountains, people...Mountains!!! And Forests!

    An East Coast bias even here.

    Le sigh.

  7. I like walking East.

  8. evil goes east. go west, young man.
    wow. that was lame.